Summary of minutes

The membership survey results launched a conversation about strategic issues. The Board broke into three groups (conference, membership, and advocacy) to brainstorm and feed up ideas. Value emerged as a theme. 

The STLHE 2017 conference co-chairs participated in a discussion with the Board. 

Reports were received from EDC, CSEC, Awards, and Bilingualism. 

Discussion regarding partnership and Policy 7 was facilitated and will inform an updated policy for the Board’s consideration. 

A conversation about CSEC award winners becoming that of the 3M Council was had. A motion was passed unanimously which makes all the CSEC award winners (25 already named) lifetime members of STLHE. 

The AGM was discussed; an in camera discussion was held regarding two proposals from institutions in relation to the 2019 conference. 

A motion to provide STLHE sponsorship in the amount of $1500 for ISSoTL in Calgary was unanimously defeated.  

A motion to update Policy 6 in terms of SIGs carried unanimously. 

The Board voted unanimously to move CELT to UBC Okanagan from U of Alberta.  

This summary of minutes was prepared by:

Miriam Carey
Secretary, STLHE

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