Application dossiers for the D2L Innovation Award in Teaching and Learning are strictly limited to 25 numbered pages (plus up to 10 additional pages for support documentation; making a total maximum application length of 35 pages), 12-point font, and must include:

  • D2L Innovation Award in Teaching and Learning Application Form (current position and department, contact information, highest degree/institution, PR contact, candidate biography, succinct summary of innovation(s)). The application form does NOT count toward the application page limit.
  • Official letter of endorsement from the institution’s senior academic officer (equivalent to the Vice-President Academic, Provost, President or equivalent). Applications without this level of official endorsement will not be considered.
  • A description of the applicant’s innovative approaches, contributions, and accomplishments in areas such as pedagogical frameworks, teaching methods, course design, curriculum development, assessment methods, tools and technologies, and community outreach. The application dossier needs to be self-contained since URLs and hyperlinks will not necessarily be followed as those would constitute pages beyond the limit established.
  • The teaching innovation should be “completed” versus “in progress” in order for the applicant to be able to provide evidence of impact as well as a reflection of the impact.
  • A clear and thoughtful rationale as to why these contributions are considered innovative. Since the applicant’s voice needs to be clear, a first-person narrative would be recommended.
  • Tangible evidence documenting and supporting the impact and effectiveness of the innovation(s). More weight will be given to actual evidence than general statements of opinion or praise that it is unsubstantiated. Evidence could include feedback from learners (quantitative and qualitative), research data and analysis, student rating of instruction, and other forms of evidence of impact. Materials need to be clearly dated.
  • Description/evidence of scholarship of teaching practices relating to the innovative approaches. This could include published papers, presentations, workshops, or other activities that demonstrate the candidate’s commitment and interest in sharing their teaching practices with colleagues and the teaching and learning community.
  • Additional support documentation including letters, feedback or ratings, and excerpts of reports, newsletter contributions, or publications (Note: Additional support documentation is limited to a maximum of 10 pages, beyond the application’s 25 page limit).

The adjudication committee will not read any application that exceeds 35 pages (25 application pages and up to 10 pages of support documentation). Incomplete applications will not be considered by the committee.

The completed D2L Innovation Award in Teaching and Learning Application Form and supporting documentation should be submitted in a single PDF file (the photo of the applicant can be submitted as a separate file), on or before the deadline.

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